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The blooddungeon is an ancient laboratory in which Ketueki made experiments about the magic of blood. Who build this maze of corridors and halls is unknown. After Ketuekis death the blooddungeons degenerated and were forgotten. The entrances were buried until a short while ago earthquakes opened entraces from the Catacombs as well as from the Sewers.

If the inhabitants of the blooddungeon are left overs of Ketuekis experiments, were her bodyguards or if they┬┤ve lived there even longer is not known, but a big and quite mixed variety of monsters can be found down here. It reaches from leeches over blood dogs and blood mages to Haemons.

In the room with the purple carpet and the mirrors you can enter the statue with the secret password Irina and enter the hide of the Dhampir. More about it can be found here.

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