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Life in Akvumi is one of the hardest. The unbearable heat and the constant attacks of sandwasps make every day a fight for survival. Some inhabitants can tell you long tales about this. "Akvumi" means "watering" in Esperanto.

As its hard to run a business here, the inhabitants decided to dig a tunnel to the other side of the Inayus, the river in the south. Merchants hoped for new trading routes, but their hopes didnĀ“t pay off. But because of the labour Arilonians can now travel to Gloomy Woods if they enter the tunnel in the pyramide-shaped building.

For 2nd circle healers and fighters a visit here may be intersting, as Thola, a locating trainer and Laedo Ledo, a hardhitting Nor have their homes here.

Description of the way: 2W 11S 1W 1S

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