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Description: Qarrion, sometimes called Spidertown, has a long history. Long time ago it was a wealthy settlement lead by Lord Veer Wisdom.

Why spiders overran the village one day is unknown. The defense was weak and the spiders had an easy fight and took control of the area. Some murmurs blame the crazy wizard in the tower of the palace to have something to do with the attack.

After few days the town was completely destroyed and nearly all inhabitants that were still alive fled out of the town. Only some insanes and the Lords household stay there, as the Lord refuses to leave his palace. It is only too understandable that his servants curse him for that.

The Arilonians didn´t help Qarrion until now, because Lord Veer Wisdom doesn´t seem to want any.

But despite of all this a trip to Qarrion is always being worth it, as the cooks of the Lord are really skilled in their profession.

how to get here: Qarrion is located in the Black Hills, 3E 4S 6E 1S.

Items: Glas Noidsaft (10c), Urdarbier (30c), Arachnoidzahn (14c), Banensplit (15c), Gebackener Apfel mit einem Zimtstab (12c), Kirschkuchen (16c), Glas mit Hedwigs Wasser (56c)

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