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Also look at multilangual macros


Arindal is a multi-language roleplaying game. Every player may decide on his own if he wants to play in german, dutch or french - with the exception of the talk of other players. To help you communicating with others and help creating multilingual macros there is a short summary of the most common phrases in the different languages. If there is a translation missing somewhere, please mark it with a "?". Try not to make more than one entry per line if there are several possibilities.

You find complete multilingual macros in the macro archive.


German English French Dutch
Hallo Hello Salut, Bonjour Hallo
Seid gegrüßt Greetings Bonjour Gegroet
Auf Wiedersehen
Auf bald
Au Revoir Dag
Tot ziens
Braucht hier jemand einen Heiler? Healer needed around here? Quelqu'un a besoin d'un Druide? Is er hier een heler nodig?
Zu Hilfe. Gefallener hier! Please help. Fallen here! Au secours. Je suis tombé! Help! Gevallene hier!
danke thanks merci bedankt
Gern geschehen!
Bitte sehr!
Nichts zu danken!
You're welcome! De rien! Graag gedaan!
Niets te danken!
Wir brauche erfahrene Heiler im Stadtzentrum! We need experienced healers near town center On demande des Druides expérimentes en ville! We hebben ervaren helers in het stadscentrum nodig.
aa winkt
to wave
aa waves
aa salue
aa zwaait
aa nickt
to nod
aa nods
hoche la tete
aa knikt
Westen, Süden, Osten, Norden West, South, East, North Ouest, Sud, Est, Nord West, Zuid, Oost, Noord
Hier sammeln! Gather here! ? Hier verzamelen!
Rückzug! Retreat! ? Terugtrekken!
lächelt smiles sourit glimlacht
hustet coughs tousse hoest
zuckt mit den Schultern shrugs se racle la gorge haalt de schouders op
seufzt sighs soupire zucht

The /multi command

The /multi command is build up from several parameters. The first, which is written without a %l is the standard output for those players who did NOT choose a language yet. After this there are the parameters for the three languages:

 %l1 marks the german language
 %l2 marks the dutch language
 %l3 marks the french language

As an example you might try

/say /multi Hello%l1Hallo%l3Bonjour

which would lead to those having selected german hear "Hallo", those who selected french hear "Bonjour" and the dutch hear the standard text, which is "Hello" in this case, as for his language (%l2) no other phrase is given.

You can recognize multilangual actions and talk pretty easy, as the client adds a "~" to the end of the text. Note typing "/say Hello~" does NOT automatically translate your text.

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