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Arilon Calling

Arilon Calling, or AC, is a clan with members: Aridor, Baalthor, Eskarina, Freeze, Kani, Lafaborn, McMartigen, Tofor, Ziata and Penthka. Arilon Calling was the first officially recognized clan in the Arindal Beta (official recognition was 09.06.2007). The only stated goal of AC is World domination. Inadvertently the clan originally stated world peace as a goal, which surprised some members of the "Oral Phase" Clan. The Clan House (also called by AC, Clan Castle) is at 2s between the Fenith and a small lake. AC members stress their love for Romance. The membership application process is democratic, and AC candidates can apply with one of the AC members for admission.

Doom Company, 1E 2S (red) Members:

Kaaskoppen, 1N 3E (SW corner, brown) Members:

Liga der Aussergewöhnlichen Gentlemen, (League of Unique Gentlemen)

Little known of this clan and to date unable to interview the only known member, Frenzymac. The name "Aussergewöhnlichen" translates literally as "The Unusual One". "Papa Frenzy" as he is affectionately known by friends, is indeed above the norm and perhaps unique in his ability to smear lipstick all over the face of our "tres bien foutu" and most outspoken Magiér in TC, and live to hunt another day. Photo taken by a passing photographer has been withheld due to respect for the privacy of said Magiér. Their red clan house lies at 3S by the pond there.

Lovely Psychos 3E 2S (NW of pond, red)

Lovely Psychos was founded by Fearr, Jago, Alanda, Leda and Glamdring. The clan was officially recognized 16 June, 2007. Shortly afterwards, Alby joined us. Lovely Psychos already has an allotment of free treatment hours on Dr. Psych Frucesca's (Oral Phase) couch.

Leda lies down and tells of her carrot addiction.
Glamdring begins to talk about of his f-f-fear of water.
Alby leaves himself with only a towel around his hips on the couch and tells of the natural sensation of "Adam" costumes.


Members are Braxlet (la Reine), Brabbus, Jul, Jikuri, and Sirut. It's Arilon's French speaking clan. Open to native speakers of "la langue Français" and persons with considerable ability to converse in that language. Members and supporters are often known to run about the country side yelling "Vive la jeune Marianne". Identity of "Marianne" unknown, but not a member, and may not even be a person. Their red clan house is at 2S on the east side of the pond there.

Orale Phase

Oral Phase, briefly OP, is a clan founded by Elron and Frucy for the purpose of communicating about food by name. Oral Phase was the first clan in the Arindal Closed Alpha and became the first clan on 13 May in the Arindal Beta; however, Arilon Calling was the first clan officially recognized, and Oral Phase the second on 9 June, 2007. Current members of the clan are Esmeralda, Frucy, Zifer, Splash, Baucis, Pumba and Elron. A friendly rivalry exists between Oral Phase and Arilon Calling.

As protest against the unapproved clan extension and long time absence of Clanbuilders, the members of Oral Phase from the Closed Alpha (Beliana, Esmeralda, Zifer, Splash, Aurinko, and Elron) in the open Alpha/Beta, created an informal clan (Oral Phase Underground), which plundered the city and refused from then on to wear clothes. With the official establishment of Oral Phase this informal clan officially dissolved.

The goal of the clan is generally to promote all activities to do with meals. Activities include "Newbie Picnic Hunts", "Custom Cooking Competitions", "Clan Dinner Parties", and other oral sensations of the palate. The blue clan house for Oral Phase is beside a small lake at 2S 1W.

Anyone wanting to join Oral Phase should be a good eater, willing to share their food, and own a Foodbag as well as a Beverage shoulder belt. The membership application process is democratic, and current members may be approached if one is interested in joining.

Rettungs und Depart Sozietät (Rescue and Depart Society)

Founded by Del'Arus, Jimmy, Roffian, Aquin, and Kater Karlo. Their goals are: (1) Rescue fallens 2. Run to far away places, get killed, and depart :) Del'Arus says, There is nothing more to our clan at the moment... eventually after the big storm, when we start afresh." When asked "Who is your leader?, he says "We don't have one. We all mislead ourselves :)" Their brown Clan House is at 3E 2S on the SE side of the pond.

Sandkastenkinder (Sandbox Children?)

Arilon's newest clan, recognized on 21 September, 2007. Otylia is a member but declined to provide any info. As she is no child, it can only be presumed she likes to play in the sandbox. The blue clan house lies at 1W 1S on the NE side of the pond there.

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