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If Alchera is mentioned ic the dreamworld is meant, that recalls the game mentioned below.

Alchera can be reached through the library in the Dark Tower. If you say Alchera on one of the racks, a magic portal opens. If you enter you will be teleported to Edaria, the capital of Alchera. To the south you can reach a desert with the Alchera-Pyramid, to the east you reach the jungle, to the west the bewitched forest.

See MMORPG, Delta Tao, Arindal, Fairtales, Clanlord, Gamemaster for further information.

Alchera was a MMORPG which sadly failed due to financial reasons. The creators wanted to make a german Clanlord, only more beautiful and friendly. The game contained not only more friendly and open-minded GMs (Gamemasters) but also a more beautiful and lovingly created regions and possibilities for the players. Everything about Alchera has been great, it had a fantastic atmosphere and enthused lots of people already in beta...thanks to innovative ideas of the GMs and the acceptancce of playerwishes it may be one of the best MMORPGs ever created.

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